The 4 Best Wooden Spoons for Cooking

In your kitchen, a quality wooden spoon is essential for both complex and simple dishes. Wooden spoons are ideal for stirring casseroles, mixing baking ingredients and tastefully testing your cooking creations fresh from the pot. But where do you start when purchasing your ideal wooden spoon? And which are the best wooden spoons for cooking in general? Before you begin it is essential to consider the following.

What sort of wooden spoon am I looking for?

  • Cost – How much are you looking to pay for your wooden spoon? Consider what you’re willing to spend and how much you think is reasonable to pay for a good quality model. Is your wooden spoon going to be used on a frequent basis? Are you likely to use your wooden spoon for a variety of different dishes? If so, it would be wise to consider spending more for a quality wooden spoon.
  • Wood – What type of wood will you be looking at for your wooden spoon? Do you have a rustic or a modern kitchen at home? Is your wooden spoon going to be a focal point on display? Do you have other kitchen utensils made from wood you would like to match? Do you want a soft wood or hard wood? Will you be cooking a lot of wet dishes and therefore require a wood that will not crack easily? Different woods have different benefits so it’s important to clarify how important this will be when making an informed choice.
  • Style – What sort of shape are you looking at for your spoon? Do you cook a lot of soups or wet dishes? If so you will require a spoon with a circular or oval-shaped bowl at the end to sift and test the thickness and taste. If you prefer to bake or mix different types of dough, a flatter head would be preferable. This will allow you to crush and kneed your dough into the required thickness. Perhaps you are looking for a combination of the two for which there are a variety of options available.
  • Weight – It helps to have kitchen utensils you can handle easily so it is important especially when cooking to have the wooden spoon that fells right in your own hands. Certain types of wood can be much heavier than others. This makes them much more durable but for older chefs or chefs with limited maneuverability, this can make them harder to control. For this reason, it is important to have a wooden spoons that fulfills it basic functions without limiting the chef in any way.

The Top 4 Wooden Spoons for cooking

In order to assess which is the best wooden spoon for cooking, lets take a look at 4 of the best models on the market right now:

Mason Cash Essentials High Quality Branded Solid Bamboo Wooden Spoon

This sleek eco-friendly wooden spoon is made out of the highly renewable wood Bamboo. Bamboo is light and flexible yet remains extremely strong and durable. It is favoured by environmental chefs as the wood grows back quickly and stocks are easy to replace. It also cleans easily and is very lightweight. This means that this bamboo wooden spoon is easy to use but still strong enough to stand up the the top temperatures that occur when you are cooking. This particular model is well put together and fails to splinter like many other wooden spoons can do after heavy use. This wooden spoon is smart enough not to look out of place in any kitchen and features a wide curved head ideal for soups, casseroles and stews. Retailing at around £3, this spoon would be a great asset to your cooking.

Mason Cash Elite Solid Beech Wooden Spoon

This wooden spoon has a smooth stylised comfortable finish and is made from a high quality beech. Beech can sometimes have a slightly rougher surface than other kinds of wood however this particular spoon has been shaped well even including a thumb-rest on the handle. The beech wood itself benefits from not retaining odours and is simple to clean in warm soapy water. This spoon is not too bulky or heavy and does not look out of place in any kitchen. Featuring a light sandy colour, the spoon is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use and is unaffected by the varying temperatures in well-used kitchen environment. Its smooth curved head is also ideal for both wet and dry dishes as well as baking. Retailing at approximately £4, this tidy beech spoon will not leave you wanting.

Denby 30 cm Red Wooden Spoon

This smart stylish wooden spoon has a red silicone ring near the end of the handle. This is a great addition to stop your spoon from slipping into the pot when it is resting on the edge. This wood is made of dark Beech with a very wide bowl-shaped head making it better suited for cooking with liquids and stews. This spoon is larger and bulkier than the spoons previously mentioned which means that it is particularly robust. Unfortunately this can make it a little chunky and more suited to larger pans or pots. With a retail price around the £4 mark, this spoon may suit somebody looking for a wooden spoon that will last even despite it being a bit chunkier than other available wooden spoons.

12″ Bamboo Cooking Spoon

This bamboo wooden spoon is extremely well put together and features an incredibly stylish striped design. Featuring a hanging hole in the handle, this spoon would look great displayed in any stylish kitchen with its customised shape. The head of the spoon has the custom spoon oval shape but features a very practical angled corner. This is to help with scraping the sides of your pan and for stirring without missing vital ingredients in your pot. The spoon could be described as a little on the chunky side, but this only adds to its sturdiness giving you a strong durable product for your kitchen. Due to the stylish nature of this spoon, it has a retail price of approximately £6. This may seem a little steep, but in return you receive a long-lasting wooden spoon with a variety of uses.


Whether you are baking, stewing or stirring; your wooden spoon is one of the most frequently used utensils in your kitchen. Beech and bamboo are both great woods to use and are both light-weight enough for you to cook comfortably as long as your spoon isn’t too large. Of the 4 spoons looked at here, each spoon provides great value for money and are ideal for a variety of different dishes and cooking styles. All of these spoons are designed for heavy use and will clean well. Ultimately, it is the chef who must choose the spoon. If you are looking to pay the extra money for a stylish practical wooden spoon, the 12″ bamboo cooking spoon is the better option even if a little chunky. Of course if you are unwilling to spend at the higher end of the market, the remaining spoons are still welcome additions to any kitchen depending on your preferred size, choice of wood and shape of the spoons curved head.

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