Best Convection Oven for Countertops

It wasn’t too long ago when convection ovens were the preserve of professional kitchens used by top notch chefs. Things are of course a little different now and many prefab kitchens have them installed as a matter of course and with good reason too. Convection ovens not only cook faster but are also more efficient which makes them the oven of choice when it comes to the balance between top notch cooking results at home and cost efficiency.

So what’s the difference between a convection oven and a conventional oven? Simply put, a convection current operates in the cooking chamber which ensures the oven’s heat is distributed evenly all around your food making for perfectly even cooking throughout. Unlike conventional ovens where the heat may just envelope your food, a convection oven will blow air evenly all around by means of a fan and exhaust system resulting in delicious, evenly cooked food time after time and not just food cooked on the outside. There are of course a few things to consider when looking the best convection oven however. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose.

What to look for in a convection oven

Will you go for an electric or gas model? A gas model will require just a little more space around the sides to allow for effective airflow. Remember too that even in the case of a gas convection oven, the fan will still require electricity, so ensure there will be a power supply on hand.

Ensure you choose a model that is the right size for your favourite baking dishes and will accommodate the amount of cooking you will be doing. Make sure you allow space around your trays for the air to circulate. This may be easier if you go for a flat bed model where you don’t need to worry about extra room for your baking dish to rotate.

If possible get a convection oven that has a third heating element fitted. This additional element usually fitted around or close to the fan at the back enables the oven to blow heated air around the oven ensuring the air is of uniform temperature throughout and facilitates more even cooking.

Will you choose a full size built-in or slide to the wall model or a counter top? If space and maybe cost is an issue, counter top models are a perfect solution, particularly if they are equipped with a third heating element. As always, do your research to ensure you select the best convection oven for your needs.

Depending on what type of cooking you will be doing you may be OK with a 60 minute timer or maybe a 120 minute timer will suit your needs more.

What sort of look will you go for? Will you go for a more retro style with dials and switches, or does a digital display suit your kitchen more?

Convection ovens can be found to suit all ascetic requirements and perfectly compliment your kitchen, and so don’t overlook getting the colour right! Will stainless steel with that classy chrome look suit your kitchen, or something black and white and all variations in between? Something to think about.

The Top 5 Countertop Convection Ovens

Here are a selection of some of the best convection ovens you may want to consider.

Andrew James Mini Oven and Grill With Double Hot Plates 33 Litre

Panasonic Premium Combination Oven, 32 Litre, 1000 Watt, White

This family sized combination microwave, grill and convection oven with its generous programming options is both fast and efficient. With a flatbed design you’re not limited to only inserting containers which need room to turn, which is great news if you’re reheating larger dishes. Whether you’re cooking a full roast dinner replete with delicious roast potatoes, perfectly cooked pizzas or puffy pastry pies, this ample 32 litre capacity oven is ideal for a family with mouths to feed.

VonShef Large 36L Stainless Steel Convection Mini Oven

With 6 cooking functions and a rotating spit and two hobs, this convection cooker represents the ultimate in convenience when it comes to cooking. This extremely versatile oven enables you to grill, bake, broil, spit roast, roast and even toast to perfection. It’s extra large 36 litre capacity means you can cook for the family and yet the compact design still takes a minimum of space. With conventional dials it is easy to operate and its 2700W heating elements mean your food is cooked quickly and with far less energy than a conventional oven would use.

VonShef 30L Mini Oven

No matter how small your kitchen, thanks to the VonShef 30L Mini Oven, you can still rustle up mouth-watering meals in no time.

The perfect solution for those with limited kitchen space but who won’t compromise on quality cooking, The VonShef 30 L with its 3 heating functions is ideal for grilling, baking and roasting. Its 30 litre capacity makes it perfect whether cooking for yourself or the family. Equipped with 1600W stainless steel heating elements, the radiant heat distributed evenly throughout ensures your food is cooked quickly, thoroughly and more efficiently making it a good investment all round.

It comes equipped with a 60 minute timer and the temperature can be regulated between 100 ˚C and 230˚C via an easy function dial. With matt black finish, this convection oven would make a stylish addition to any kitchen. It comes with a wire grill rack, baking tray and tray handle.

The Sensio Home 28 litre Convection Mini Oven

This stylish 28 litre metallic finish convection oven with mirrored finish will not only enhance your kitchen’s look but provide you with perfect cooking results every time. Whether space is limited or you are looking for extra cooking capacity for special occasions, this is the perfect option for size, economy and quality no matter whether you’re baking, roasting, grilling or just toasting, and with low emissivity glass you won’t overheat your kitchen in the process!

The Sensio Home 28 litre Convection Mini Oven will provide mouth watering results every time and for extra efficiency the variable temperature hotplates can be used in sync with your oven should you want to fry or heat something delicious to go along with your main. It comes with a grill rack, food tray and a tray handle.


Not only are convection ovens generally quicker, they also run more efficiently. No matter whether you are preparing that perfect roast with heavenly roast potatoes, perfect puff pastry pies or pizzas worthy of Venice and Rome, a convection oven is the best way to experience culinary perfection right from your own kitchen. And with some great counter top models available, you can achieve all this even if a little cramped for space.

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