Best Four Slot Toaster Under £60

A slice of toast in the morning is the staple breakfast for many households. Although two slices will do on most occasions, there may be times where you have multiple mouths to feed or you simply want a little extra. This is where the 4 slice toasters come in handy. The ability to make 4 slices of toast at once makes feeding the family that much easier. Also, if you have guests you don’t have to worry about making toast in batches and risking the first lot getting cold before you’ve even served the rest. Here we will look at the best four slot toasters available on the market.

Things To Consider When Purchasing 4 Slice Toasters

One of the main benefits of a four slot toaster in comparison to a two slot toaster is the amount of toast you can make per serving. This saves precious time when most people need it to most, in the morning when rushing to work or starting the day.

But not all 4 slice toasters are made equal. Here are the things to consider when making your purchase:

  • Energy efficiency-
    There are many toasters that have billed as being energy efficient. These need less heat and emit less too.
  • Style-
    Your toaster is usually in full display of the kitchen, so of course you want it to look good! Style plays an important role when choosing a toaster, particularly in how it fits with your surroundings.
  • Power-
    The best level for a four slot toaster would be 1800kW and upwards.
  • Life expectancy-
    The life expectancy of a toaster is the sum of its parts. In other words, this will be how well it is made and its durability.
  • Size-
    When it comes to choosing a toaster size matters. Do you have enough room on your kitchen worktop? is there enough storage when you are done using the toaster? Even with a toaster that can fit 2 extra slices, there are still a variety of choices of how large or compact they come.

What About Features?

What features does the toaster have? Many toasters on the market today are designed with extra features from browning to how to keep the toaster clean. Here we show some of the standard ones.

Browning Control

Some people like their toast practically charred, while others barely want the heat to kiss the bread. The browning control is a significant feature for anyone who likes choose how brown they want their toast.

Wider Slots

Although 1.5 inches is the standard ‘extra wide’ measurement, sometimes it cannot take longer cuts of bread such as artisan loaves or homemade bread. A wider slot means that the toaster can toast a larger variety of toast sizes.

Crumb Tray

This is a thin sheet of metal that slides from the bottom of a toaster. A toaster with a crumb tray could mean the difference between crumbs and debris gathering – and burning – at the bottom of your toaster, or having the means to simply collect it and throw it away. Crumb trays, primarily, help keep your toaster safe and clean.

Bagel Setting

Used on items like bagels and English muffins. When the bagel setting is used, the toaster will adjust its toasting time to factor in the thickness of the bread. This feature tends to be on more expensive toasters.


A useful addition since it enables bread to be toasted from the freezer. First it warms the bread then toasts it.

High Lift/Extra Lift

In the past, when toast got stuck, people have been known to use knives to remove it (not the safest option). However, the extra lift feature makes taking toast out of a toaster a breeze. It saves you from burning your fingers and also prevents crumbs collecting and burning at the bottom of the toaster.

Cancel Button

This feature stops the toasting cycle whenever you decide.

Countdown Timer

Instead waiting around for your toast, this component tells you exactly how long it will take to get your toast ready. This is a time saver that allows you to get on with other things before getting on with your toast.

The Best Four Slot Toaster Reviews

For anyone who has toast at breakfast, or at any time of the day, it is important to have a toaster that functions well and saves time and effort.

Here we review four slot toasters so that you can make the right decision for you.

De’Longhi CTJ4003.BK Brillante Faceted 4 Slice Toaster – Black

When it comes to looks the De’Longhi CTJ4003 is in a class of its own. This is the toaster equivalent to a vintage car with its curved lines and faceted diamond finish. It makes for a stylish yet unique looking toaster.

Main Advantages

The De’Longhi CTJ4003 4-slice toaster features variable-width slots and a reheat function. So whether it’s chunky homemade sourdough or delicate pastry, this toaster will accommodate it with finesse.

We like the fact that this 1.8kW toaster comes with an extra deep crumb tray to catch any debris. This makes it easier to clean it so you don’t get that burning smell from stray crumbs lingering at the bottom.

The extra lift function means that the days of trying to dig out that piece of toast that broke off are over. This saves your fingers and your keeps the whole toasting operation clean.

Both pairs of slots in this De’Longhi toaster can toast independently. This is a definite energy saver as you can turn one set off if you only want 2 slices of toast.

Many users of this toaster have also stated that it is surprisingly light and easy to store.

Main Disadvantages

Other De’Longhi CTJ4003 users have commented on how the toast doesn’t always come out evenly. In addition there is just one cancel button which, for a 4 slice toaster, could have been increased to 2.


At around £45 this toaster is a little costly, but it comes with several features and is crafted by the world renowned brand De’Longhi. Light and relatively compact, this toaster also comes with 1 year warranty.

De’Longhi CTOV4003.BG Vintage Icona Dolcevita 4 Slice Toaster – Cream

Put the De’Longhi Icona toaster in most kitchens and it will blend in seamlessly. The vintage style made from chrome, contrasts beautifully with the mahogany controls.

Main Advantages

Like the De’Longhi CTJ4003 this toaster comes equipped with controls for reheating and defrosting that are excellent time savers.

De’Longhi certainly know their stuff when it comes to toasters, as the De’Longhi CTJ4003 also features; Extra lift function, deep crumb tray and variable browning controls. Like your bread thick? The wider slots in this toaster will handle it with no issues, letting you toast a broader range of bread sizes.

This toaster comes with a bagel toaster, so if you like your bagels or muffins this will be a welcome addition.

Main Disadvantages

Unlike the De’Longhi CTJ4003 this is not a compact or light toaster. At 34 x 30 x 20.5 cm and 3.1 Kg you will need to clear some space to store this.

Due to the light colour, some users have mentioned that this is a toaster needs to be cleaned regularly to stay in pristine condition.


At just under £55 this £10 more than the De’Longhi CTJ4003, but it does come with the bagel toaster feature which the other toaster does not have. This is a well built solid toaster that seeks to give the buyer more choice in how they have their toast.

Morphy Richards 242003 Accents Toaster

The Morphy Richards Accents Toaster is pleasing to look at. Made with Stainless steel, it has a clean, uncluttered appearance that is very appealing.

Main Advantages

This toaster comes with variable browning control, so you can have your toast the way you like it. There is also a reheating setting for warming up snacks and a frozen setting for defrosting them.

The removable crumb tray keeps things nice and clean, as does the additional cord storage that is provided. Added to this is the extra lift function, which is always welcomed.

The Morphy Richards 4 sliced toaster has been designed so that the surface stays cool when in use. For anyone who’s had the misfortune of trying to move a scolding hot toaster, it’s easy to see why this is a definite plus.

Main Disadvantages

While the power for this toaster is decent at 1800 watts, it is still fairly slow to make 4 slices of toast. The average toast time is around 3 minutes.

Another downside other users found was a short power cord that meant it couldn’t be moved far from the power supply.


At just under £45 this sleek looking toaster comes with plenty of features to keep most toast eaters happy, although this does not include a bagel toaster. The design manages to combine durable steel while still being light.

Morphy Richards 248101 Prism Four-Slice Toaster – Black

Morphy Richards is a 4 slice toaster with a striking yet contemporary design. I love the look of this toaster. The power for this is 1,800 watts and it is made from plastic.

Main Advantages

In comparison to other high-end 4 slice toasters, Morphy Richards Prism is slightly cheaper at just over £40. Its features include; auto high lift for easier toast removal, Variable browning control. The addition of an illuminated button for the cancel, reheat and frozen buttons are a nice touch.

This 4 slice toaster comes with two crumb trays for fast cleaning and has a cool to the touch feature that is finger friendly.

Many users of Morphy Richards Prism noted that this is a toaster that really toasted bread evenly

Main Disadvantages

At 29 x 28.5 x 20.5 cm this is another larger toaster. So while this may not be an issue if you have the space, those with smaller kitchens may have problems with storage.


At around £40 this toaster is £13 less than high-end toasters like the De’Longhi Icona, yet it holds its own. If you can do without the bagel function and have enough worktop space, this is certainly a good option.

Breville VTT702 Impressions 4 Slice Toaster – Cream

This is the cheapest of the 4 sliced toasters reviewed at just under £30. It is an appealing looking toaster with a ridged wall design that adds a touch of panache.

Main Advantages

The price is going to be a big factor here, since it is very cost-effective. The makers have also managed to include a lot of the features that other high-end 4 sliced toasters have such as; High lift facility, illuminated buttons for better function identification, variable browning control, bread slots for both thick and thin slices.

It also comes with defrost, reheat and cancel functions and crumb trays for easier cleaning.

The Main Disadvantages

Despite sharing so many features with high end 4 slice toasters, the two sides do not function independently. This means less choice in how you can have both batches of toast.

The slots are also smaller so it does not accommodate a variety in bread sizes.


At almost half the price of other 4 sliced toasters this Breville VTT702 Impressions still has some remarkable features. However, as expected, there are certain features such as larger slots that are missing. Overall this is a good value toaster.

Russell Hobbs 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster

In polished steel this is the most classic looking of the toasters reviewed. At under £40 it has sleek appearance that just exudes quality.

Main Advantages

This is a toaster that falls somewhere between the more expensive 4 slice toasters and the cheaper ones such as the Breville Impressions.

It comes with deep and wide slots which are ideal for a variety of bread. It is simple to operate and has faster cooking technology.

This toaster packs in the features with high lift function, extra wide slots for thicker bread, frozen bread, reheat and cancel and removable crumb tray.

The wider slots are a particular bonus as the cheaper toasters don’t tend to feature this.

Main Disadvantages

Users of this toaster have commented on how short the cord is. It is also another toaster that does not come with the bagel function.


This toaster comes from Russel Hobs a brand that has an established reputation of durability. It has most of the features that higher priced 4 slice toasters have, but cost less.


The best four slot toaster for your home is the one that suits your preference, taste and budget. It is also worth considering the technology used, size, along with ensuring that it has all the features you want. Between the toasters reviewed the De’Longhi CTJ4003 was the priciest, but was the only one with a bagel toaster, while the Russell Hobbs 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster came in cheaper and included wider slots. We recommend basing your choice on the features that are important to you.

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