The Best German Kitchen Knives

When it comes to purchasing a new kitchen knife for your everyday needs, German-made models offer some of the highest quality available. As a result, the market currently offers a selection of models specifically manufactured by known German brands. The best German kitchen knives are renowned for their professional workmanship, strong well-designed stainless steel blades and sturdy quality handles. German kitchen knives undeniably offer a higher quality. There are a number of variations between brands to be considered before deciding which knife to purchase. Before deciding which knife is ideal for your kitchen, it is important to consider the following:

What am I looking for in a German kitchen knife?

  • Cost – How much are you looking to pay? Due to the quality of German kitchen knives, it is likely you will pay a premium price. Despite this, prices can range from as little as £30 if you shop selectively up to £100+. If you are searching for a particular German make, there are several at both the lower and higher ends of the price market to suit your needs. Different knives have differing levels of quality related to their price in part. If cost is a major issue, it can also be worth looking for a cheaper model of a particular range. For example, a cheaper kitchen knife from the Wusthof range still provides you with the guarantee and quality of their more expensive counterparts.
  • Handle – What sort of handle are you looking for? Do you work comfortably with the current handles in your kitchen? Have you had problems with handles that are too chunky or difficult to grip? Some kitchen knives have rubber on the handles to prevent this. Other handles have been known to have a non-slip grip coating to aid the maneuverability of your blade. This will be specific to the chef or chefs most likely to frequent your new German kitchen knife.
  • Weight – It is important to consider the weight you need your knife to be. The associated quality of a German kitchen knife usually requires that the stainless steel will lead to a more durable, heavier knife. Some companies have found ways around this with the handles but this is more difficult with the blades themselves. All German knives usually feature the products weight when purchasing. This will give you a vague idea if the knife will be suitable to your cooking needs.

The top 3 German kitchen knives

In order to assess which is the best German knife for your kitchen, let’s take a look at 3 of the best models on the market right now:

1. Wüsthof GRAND PRIX II Cook´s knife

This sleek stylish German kitchen knife features a black contemporary handle designed to offer maximum comfort. The handle is firm and provides adequate grip for all of your kitchen needs without being too clunky or difficult to move. This knife has a weight of around 280 grams which is mainly due to its thick sharpened blade. This can make the blade slightly easier for chefs who find it difficult to work with heavier blades. This also adds to this knifes durability. The blade has been forged to the highest German standard and requires minimum sharpening. This makes it perfect for cutting and dicing meat with minimal effort. Overall this knife is a chef’s dream but does retail at around the £80 mark.

2. Henckels Professional 20 cm/8 inch Chef’s Knife

This Henckels high quality knife has been crafted with particular attention to the handle. The blade is forged out of one piece of stainless steel. The handle is well designed with a classic riveted kitchen knife look but the transition from handle to blade is apparently seamless. The knife is sturdy and the blade arrives well designed and well-sharpened. The blade does make up a large part of this knife putting it at around the 290 gram mark. The quality of the blade however cannot be disputed, the blade is ice-hardened after forging making it easy to clean and long-lasting even when used frequently. Retailing at around £100, the quality associated with the Henckels brand makes this an expensive kitchen knife but for longevity, an undoubtedly quality German kitchen knife.

3. Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Stainless Steel Forged Chef’s Knife

At the opposite end of the German knife market retailing at around £40, this stainless steel German knife is much cheaper than its contemporaries. There are a number of reasons for this, though this knife is still a welcome addition to any kitchen. This knife is undoubtedly the heaviest of our three. The handle and blade are much larger and the knife itself weighs in at around 320 grams. Despite this, the blade itself is extremely well crafted. This blade has no problem cutting meat or vegetables. If it is frequently re-sharpened, there’s no reason this knife cannot have a long lifetime. The handle, though slightly larger is well-designed with a standard black no-slip coating. This means that despite its size, it still handles really well for such a heavy knife. Although this knife cannot boast the associated quality of the Henckels and Wüsthof brands, it is a well built and well-designed blade that provides good value for money.


In purchasing your kitchen knife, you must first determine if you are specifically aiming for the quality offered by the brands Wüsthof and Henckels. These companies have rich quality histories of designing well-adjusted kitchen knives. They clearly offer undoubtedly offer well-rounded and efficient products. They do however carry a heavier price-tag than the Mercer culinary chef’s knife. If your finances are restricted, the Mercer model offers a perfectly acceptable and long-lasting substitution for a high-quality model. However they do not feature the inherent benefits of their pricier counterparts. In short, to buy a good quality German kitchen knife you will need to pay a premium price for a knife specifically designed to your ideal weight, style and grip. If money is an issue, you can purchase a model with similar quality yet fewer perks for a lower price. This way you can still retain the quality of a German kitchen blade.

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