The Best Mini Oven for Baking and More

Picking the best mini oven for your home can be a challenging task at best. As well as considering your budget, you must also take into account the space in your kitchen and the size of the family you’re trying to feed. Fortunately mini oven’s have become much more accessible and proven to be increasingly handy as a tool for the elderly, students starting out on their own or people with too little space to accommodate a fully-sized functioning oven and hob. Fortunately, the mini oven is useful for a range of different dishes whether you’ll be baking, roasting or grilling your meal so can often be an ideal substitute for a full size oven.

What makes a good mini-oven?

  • Quality – What do you need the Mini-oven for? As a substitute for a full-size oven, it will be worth assessing which Mini-oven will provide you with the sufficient temperature to cook as well as capacity.
  • Price – what is your budget? What is the most you are willing to spend and will you get the quality you need for that amount?
  • Size – will you have the room to accommodate your Mini-oven and if you are storing it, is your storage space big enough?
  • Practical – is the Mini-oven easy to operate? Are the knobs and switches self-explanatory or will you be required to read a lengthy booklet to operate it?
  • Appearance – is the Mini-oven going to suit your existing kitchen? Will it match your existing layout if it is a focal point of your kitchen?
  • Capacity – will the Mini-oven be big enough for you to cook your meals? Will you be able to fit in meals such as Pizzas or Joints?

What are the 10 best Mini-ovens?

We review the top 10 mini ovens on the market today:

Andrew James AJ000548 Mini Oven and Grill with Double Hob 33 Litre

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This handy heavy set mini-oven comes complete with two hobs on top to make cooking a full meal much easier. The two hobs add a considerable weight to this oven so it would not be recommended to be stored and used sporadically however it is a good substitute for a full-sized oven. It features at many retailers for around £75.

Quest Mini Oven, 9 Litre, Black

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This handy black portable mini-oven is ideal for the chef struggling for space. Its ideal for anything up to 4 people and is able to safely cook, grill or bake anything from potatoes and fish to muffins and cakes. The mini-oven can struggle to cook as efficiently if it is over-filled but for a small household or as a travel companion, it can be a welcome addition to any meal. The retail price is approximately £35.

Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Kitchen Multi-Cooker with Hotplates

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This mini-oven is complete with 2 hobs on top making it ideal to cook a full well-rounded meal. The oven itself can cook, grill and bake to a good standard and has more than enough space to cook a Sunday roast for a small family. The oven unit has a top temperature of 230’C meaning it is ideal for cooking large joints or for baking fresh fluffy cakes. The hobs heat up quickly and have easily adjustable temperatures making it much easier to plate up different dishes at the same time. This unit does have a safety timer meaning it must be monitored if cooking for a long time and the convenient hobs do make this slightly pricier than most models. This model is also slightly heavier and more difficult to transport than most mini-ovens. Despite this, this model would be ideal for a caravan or camping holiday or even simply in the absence of a full size cooker. This is priced around the £90 mark.

VonShef Large 36L Stainless Steel Convection Mini Oven

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This is a great mini-oven by VonShef with two full functioning hobs and a rotisserie function. Its smart white exterior makes it a welcome addition to any kitchen and the wide selection of cooking that can be done means its ideal for anyone travelling in a tent or caravan, in a single household or in student accommodation. This mini-oven can take a while to heat up and there is no way to know when the oven has reached its cooking temperature so it can take a while to preheat. The approximate retail price of this Mini-oven is £70.

VonShef 30L Black Mini Oven & Grill

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This trendy mini-oven is designed for cooking, baking and grilling and is both sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Its simple to use and uses much less electricity than most conventional ovens to run at full capacity. Like many electric mini-ovens this mini-oven can take a while to preheat; anything up to 10 minutes however after is has reached its correct temperature it is very good at baking and cooking large joints of meat. This mini-oven would be an ideal addition to the kitchen for a caravan or mini-van as it is easy to transport without difficulty and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The average price for this Mini-oven is around £50.

Tower T14012 Mini Oven 23 L

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This black mini-oven heats quickly and features a glass see-through door so you can monitor your meal without opening the oven every few minutes. It retails at around £70. The glass door also makes this mini-oven much easier to clean. At the mid-price range, this mini-oven would be ideal for camping or in a shared caravan. The mini-oven has been known to be too small for certain baking and cooking trays so it pays to check your equipment before purchasing but on the whole a great addition to any household.

Andrew James Mini Oven And Grill With Double Hot Plates

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This jet black mini-oven also comes complete with 2 hotplates on top ideal for pots and frying pans. This produce is advertised as ‘highly versatile’ which is pretty concise as compared to similar models the space inside is much more limited. However, as a result of this the mini-oven is able to reach a temperature of 230’C in just a couple of minutes. Therefore, this mini-oven would perhaps be better suited for a single meal for one or two people. The small size makes this ideal to travel with possible for a camping trip or quick getaway. As a result of its smaller size, this model is also commercially cheaper for a mini-oven that features the hot-plate feature. This Mini-oven retails at around £60.

Elgento E14025 Mini Oven

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This handy little black oven is the cheapest in our list at around £30. As a result, its highest temperature is 230’C. Despite this, this min-oven is popular due its low price but also its ability to be stored easily. It is easily sufficient to cook a meal for one or two and is ideal for people who have trouble finding space for storage or have accessibility problems themselves. Critics could point out that due to the small size it would perhaps not be ideal to roast a joint or bake a cake sufficiently but for basic meals or small snacks, is more than sufficient.

Oypla 26 Litre Electrical Mini Compact Oven

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This black mini-oven also features two hobs on top as well as an in-built grill feature. it is very reasonable for its approximately £55 price-mark. With a top temperature of 250’C, this Mini-oven is perfect for cooking large joints of meat or baking cakes. The hot-plate features makes it slightly heavier than previous models and as a result would not be ideal to move on a regular basis.

Camry With Rotisserie Convection Oven Timer 43 Liter

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This sleek smart stainless steel mini-oven is perfect for someone struggling for space. The rotisserie function is a welcome addition and the knobs and buttons are accessible and simple to use. The spacious interior is ideal for roasting and grilling and with a top temperature of 250’C, it has proven to be very effective for baking whether it be for cakes in the summer or fluffy Yorkshire puddings for a Sunday roast. A minor drawback of this model is that as a safety feature the maximum time that can be set is 60 minutes meaning for a meal that takes longer you will have to keep returning to adjust the setting. This unit retails at around £130.


In summary, Mini-ovens in essence are ideal for small families who either do not have access to a full size oven at home or for people who travel and need a quick effective way of preparing food to take with them. After first taking into account your budget and how much you realistically want to part with for a suitable model, you must consider if the extra cost is essential for a hotplate or hob feature or if the added weight that comes with this will reduce the practically of its use.

Mini-ovens are also a novel way to support the use of a full oven if you are cooking multiple dishes or on occasions when you are entertaining extra diners. Also, An increasing number of elderly customers are also finding Mini-ovens ideal for occasions when the heavy-duty bending and leaning involved in using a mains cooker is becoming unnecessarily strenuous. On occasions like this, it sometimes pays to pay the extra for a model that will be used, maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

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