Best Silicone Cooking Utensils Guide

It would be fair to say that the biggest, most significant advancement in kitchenware in the last decade or so has been the rise in popularity and prominence of silicone cooking utensils. The various silicone versions of common cooking instruments have changed many people’s outlook on home cooking due to the newfound ease of use and of cleaning. It’s all thanks to their durability, their non-stick capabilities, their even bake results, their ease of cleaning, their extreme temperature resistance, their microwave capabilities, their ease of storage, their appealing look and their overall affordability. The best silicone cooking utensils can transform your relationship with cooking for the better.

What should you consider before buying a piece of silicone cooking ware?

  • Cost – the cost of silicone cooking utensils can vary greatly between brands and stores, so make sure to browse products at length before you make a final decision and purchase.
  • Brand – it always best to stick to well known, top level brands when buying silicone utensils, as they generally offer far superior customer guarantees with regard to quality.
  • Quality – it is advisable to do some research on what constitutes quality for the best utensils. Factors to consider include temperature limits, flexibility and ease of storage.
  • Number of pieces – try to search for sets of utensils that contain many different pieces with varied shapes and sizes. This opens up your cooking possibilities endlessly.

The Top 5 Silicone Utensils

With an aim to guide you towards the best silicone cooking utensils, here are our picks for the top five right now.

Swify Ten Piece Cooking Set

Made from 100% FDA grade silicone, this ten-piece set comes in a dramatic red colour and includes tongs, a whisk, brush, spatula, slotted spoon, noodle spoon, rice paddle, slotted spatula and soup spoon. You get all of that for just under £20. The pieces in this set contain no seams which means that bacteria cannot grow, resulting in healthier cooking and less required clean up. With a high temperature tolerance, there is no risk of the pieces discolouring, melting, chipping, or warping like traditional nylon or wooden utensils.

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Qyuhe Five Piece Cooking Set

Slightly cheaper than the Swify set at around £15 but offering five less pieces, the Qyuhe set contains spatulas, spoons and a turner. Moulded in a strong looking black, the pieces come with a quality guarantee, are ergonomically designed and are heat resistant up to 470°F. Due to their compatibility with the dishwasher, the pieces are effortlessly easy to clean and their non-stick nature means that if you prefer, you can simply wipe them clean under a stream of hot running water. The Qyuhe set may not be as expansive or as colourful as the Swify set, but what you sacrifice in style you make up for in pure quality and longevity.

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Homdox Five Piece Cooking Set

With Homdox we have another plain black five-piece set containing a variety of utensils including spatulas, spoons and ladles. This Homdox product may appeal to those looking at the budget-friendly end of the silicone utensils spectrum as it costs under £10. Despite this, the set still carries all of the required grades and regulations that all utensils are required to attain. Again, the lack of crevices in the utensils makes for incredibly hygienic cooking, and the stain and odour resistant qualities of the silicone mean that they will last a significantly long time without ever having to be replaced. They will also increase the shelf life of your pots and pans thanks to their non-stick, scratch free properties.

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Tenrai Six Piece Bamboo and Silicone Cooking Set

This is the most expensive item on our list at around £25, but is worth the money. If you are looking for something with a little more style than regular silicone moulds, then look no further than this interesting bamboo and silicone collaboration from Tenrai. Presenting six pieces including a soup ladle, slotted spoon, solid spoon, slotted turner, large spatula and pasta server, the elegant ergonomic tapered bamboo handles really set these utensils apart from the crowd. It must be noted that this particular set is hand wash only, but if you follow the simple cleaning rules than you will be able to enjoy them forever, as they come with a lifetime guarantee. You can’t get much better than that!

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Qubic Kitchen Five Piece Cooking Set

This set costs just over £10. Fun is definitely the name of the game when it comes to this vibrant set. Showcasing five different neon colours, the set provides a turner, spaghetti server, spoon, spatula and ladle, and it even comes with a free garlic peeler to make your cooking efforts even more simple than before. Every utensil, of course, meets the quality standards of silicone goods, and their scratch resistant natures means that not only will they last for years and years, but they will also extend the lives of your pots and pans.

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So there you have it, our top five picks for silicone cooking utensils sets currently available on the market. No matter what choice you make, you can never go wrong with a great quality silicone set.

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