Best Wooden Spatula – Our Top 5

Inexpensive, natural and softer on pans and bowls (thus reducing scrapes and scratches), wooden cooking utensils are a great choice for your home. Wooden cooking utensils will also not conduct heat, so unlike many metal utensils they do not offer any danger of burning your hand on a hot handle. A wooden spatula can be used for cooking everything from stew to stir fries, and will make the perfect addition to a kitchen cupboard. Our list of the best wooden spatula options will help you to find the right one for you.

What to consider before buying?

There are so many different types of spatula available and it is important to get one that is just right for you. Before purchasing your new spatula, it will be worthwhile to consider the following points:

  • Cost: is this item within your budget
  • Brand: are you seeking something by a particular manufacturer?
  • Quality: are you willing to pay more for a smoother or more durable item?
  • Style: do you want something classic? A novelty design? Something hand carved?
  • Type of wood: some woods are darker, smoother or softer than others

Bear these considerations in mind and you will have no problem selecting the best wooden spatula for your needs.

Top 5 wooden spatula reviews

Olive Wood Spatula

Fashioned from olive wood, this spatula has a lovely natural marbled pattern. It is 30 cm long so it is great for cooking with, and as it is heat resistant you can use it at high temperatures for safe cookery. At just under £3 this is also one of the cheapest spatulas reviewed here. Another fantastic property of this spatula is stain resistance: it will keep on looking good for years to come.

Metaltex Spatula of Olive Wood

This is another olive wood spatula so it is nice and smooth and again has that beautiful natural marbling to the wood. This Metaltex product has a lighter colour than the spatula reviewed first on this list. At 33.5 cm long it provides you with more reach than the other olive wood spatula and it is also cheaper, costing less than £2.

Garcoo Wooden Multi-purpose Spatulas Set

You will pay more for this product than the other items on this list – around £8 for two spatulas which works out at more per spatula than the two olive wood spatulas. The wood used here is beech wood which has a light and even tone and also has great non stick properties. These spatulas can be used for frying, flipping and stirring and so (considered together) are perhaps the most versatile items on the list. Their ergonomic handles make them easy to hold and you can choose between either 31.5 or 33.5 cm lengths, so they are of a similar size to the other spatulas on this list.

KitchenCraft Wooden Cooking Utensils

The key selling point of this product is the excellent value for money that it provides. For less than £2, you will receive a set of 3 utensils: a spatula, a cooking spoon and a scraper spoon. That makes them, per utensil, the cheapest options here. These spatulas are a great no frills option: they look plain but they are made of light, durable, sustainable beech wood.

Tala Spatulas

Another cheap option here: just £3 for 3 spatulas. Again, the look of these utensils is plain and they are made from beech wood which is light and even in colour. Sustainable and splinter resistant, this wood is a good choice for basic kitchen utensils. Though very similar to the cheap beech wood KitchenCraft option reviewed above, this selection from Tala is a good choice if you are looking for three cheap spatulas rather than a spatula and two spoons.


No matter what your budget, and no matter what your needs are, your dream spatula (or spatula selection) can be found on this list. Whether you are seeking something elegant looking that you can display with pride or just a starter utensil kit for a student kitchen, there is something here to suit you.

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