The Best Cutlery Set Brands

A smart cutlery set makes a wonderful gift, and it is both a useful and an attractive addition to any home. This guide to the best cutlery set brands makes it easy to select the perfect set of cutlery for your table. Explore the hand picked list of outstanding brands below to see what unique features each has to offer.

The Brands

See below for the top 10 cutlery brands:

Arthur Price

Established in 1902 and based in the UK, Arthur Price specialises in classic looking cutlery. They have firmly established themselves as one of the best cutlery brands. Silvery tableware is a hallmark of this brand, and their cutlery sets come in beautiful boxes that provide a stylish way to keep the cutlery in pristine condition.

Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch is a European bathroom and homeware company that has become increasingly popular in the UK in the past 5 years. Its ceramics are famously colourful (with more than a touch of Art Deco to them), and its practical, contemporary cutlery perfectly matches this aesthetic.

Robert Welch

Named after the famous British designer, Sir Robert Welch MBE, this cutlery brand is simple and yet most definitely a cut above the rest. Tapering handles and the use of high quality stainless steel are a hallmark of the Arden Bright cutlery range from Robert Welch and these sets also provide excellent value for money. This is cutlery that looks fancy but can still be put in the dishwasher.


Elegant and pricey (but most definitely worth it), Carrs cutlery hails from Sheffield – home to fine homeware for centuries. A full set costs a couple of hundred pounds and comes in a gorgeous wooden display box.

John Lewis

This department store is synonymous with user friendly quality. John Lewis was founded in 1800 and has been helping everyday people make their homes more pleasant ever since. Affordable and yet chic, cutlery from John Lewis will typically have a contemporary look and feel to it.


Affordable and gleaming, Monogram cutlery also has a certain quirkiness about it as seem in the designers’ inventive use of angles. A fork’s head may bend slightly to the right, for example, whilst its prongs taper ever so subtly inwards towards each other. This is functional tableware with just enough of the surreal about it to make your guests look twice.


Viners began life manufacturing holloware in the 19th Century. After moving to Sheffield in the early 20th Century, brothers Emile and Willie Viener started their business together. Today, you will pay a little more than many of the other breands on this list if you want to add a Viners cutlery set to your kitchen. Nevertheless, the unique aesthetic of this brand – which manages to be both chunky and light weight – is so appealing to many buyers that they want nothing else.

Russell Hobbs

Smooth, functional, totally dishwasher safe: Russell Hobbs cutlery is high class kitchenware that is designed to be used every day. This brand tends to create cutlery that has more of a matte appearance than other brands on this list, which may appeal to many consumers.


Kitchencraft cutlery sets are often bright and vibrant. Think polka dot handles in a variety of hues, colour medleys and a simple, carefree aesthetic. These cutlery sets will put you in mind of picnics and parties.


A Prima cutlery set will usually cost more than £200 – nevertheless, you get a wide variety of different pieces of cutlery for this price. Both expensive and expansive, these cutlery sets look very traditional – ideal for grand dinners.


There are cutlery sets to suit everyone’s tastes on this list. Whether you want something cute and colourful, or something very grand that will impress your dinner guests, and whether you are on a budget or willing to splash out, you will have no problem finding your dream set of cutlery here.

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