Our Top 10 Best Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are filled with tools of the trade, from digital measuring spoons and herb scissors to vegetable peelers and fruit cutters. Gadgets can feature the latest technology or simply put a new spin on proven tools. Whether you have gadgets to create hassle-free ice cream or gadgets that quickly prepare fruit, every kitchen benefits from tools that make cooking easy and fun.

Why Get Kitchen Gadgets?

Kitchen gadgets are practical for new and experienced cooks. While some might be quirky and novel, they are great tools for making cooking more enjoyable and less stressful. They help you save time by making it easier and quicker to cut fruit and vegetables, measure ingredients, and carry out any number of other steps on your recipe. They can also be fun. Many gadgets are also easy enough for children to use, making them a great way of introducing the joy of cooking to the next generation.

Things to Consider

What you buy will often depend on your budget and own personal preferences. When it comes to buying kitchen gadgets, you should only consider quality tools that are proven and designed well. Some of the best kitchen gadgets are made with stainless steel and glass instead of plastic. These materials are much more durable and reliable, which makes up for the relatively higher costs compared to lower quality items. You want a tool that adds enjoyment to your kitchen not frustration. Consider the manufacturer’s reputation and the individual product’s quality before buying it. You can do this by looking at product and user reviews for individual products, and comparing the pros and cons of similar products. If you’re looking for a gift, unique and unusual kitchen gadgets normally go down well.

Our Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

Using different gadgets as you cook will give you a sense of what works best for you over time. To help you get started, here are some cool kitchen gadgets that we think every cook would benefit from having.

Factorykiss Kitchen Mini Strawberry Slicer Cutter

This small and practical kitchen tool is ideal for cutting strawberries, whether you are decorating cakes and pastries or just simply enjoying the fruit on its own. It is also a fun addition to your kitchen to give children the chance to cut strawberries without handling a knife. The strawberry-shaped tool, which retails for just under £2, is made from see-through plastic and razor-sharp blades imbedded in the lid. Although the tool makes cutting strawberries easy, slicing larger strawberries can be a bit of a challenge for the handy tool.

Chuzy Chef Five-Blade Herb Scissors with Cleaning Brush

It is easy to trim and snip herbs quickly and neatly with the Chuzy Chef Herb Scissors. The precise scissors feature ergonomic handles made from comfortable silicone. They are dishwasher washer and are easy to clean thanks to a cleaning brush that is designed to reach in between individual blades. The brush is especially useful since cleaning the blades without it can be difficult. The five stainless steel blades are designed to cut, chop and mince herbs directly into a pan, bowl or plate. If you are hoping to use the scissors for anything other than herbs, you may have issues cutting larger vegetables like onions. The product retails for around £25, although some outlets sell it for considerably less.

Bogey Man Egg Separator

Cracking eggs and separating whites from yokes can be a challenge. The Bogey Man Egg Separator makes baking easy by removing the whites from the yolk with no mess. You crack eggs into the top of the handy tool and then tilt it over a bowl to release the whites. Made from ceramic, the egg separator can be bulky due to its size. Some shaking is also needed to squeeze out the whites, which can take some time. Its novel and comedic appearance can be a conversation starter, although it may also not be to everyone’s taste. The Bogey Man sells from around £5 to £10.

Gaggia Gelateria

Ever wish you could unwind with your own home-made bowl of ice cream? The Gaggia Gelateria RI9101/08 creates creamy and authentic Italian gelato in just 30 minutes. The machine is also great for making sorbet and other types of ice cream. It features a built-in chiller and removal bowl that simplifies and speeds up the process of making delicious ice cream. The Gaggia Gelateria is able to produce up to 600 grams of ice cream at one time. The large size of the machine could be an issue for anyone with limited table and storage space in their kitchen. The ice cream maker’s retail price is £300.

Andrew James Stainless Steel Electric Salt & Pepper Mill Set

This large electric salt and pepper mill set feature one-touch technology that allows you to quickly season your dishes. Its brushed stainless steel design makes for a sleek and stylish addition to your kitchen. The modern salt and pepper mills illuminate as they grind, allowing you more easily see how much salt and pepper is going onto your food. The mills take two AA batteries each, which takes up quite a bit of space and minimises the amount of salt and pepper that fits in each unit. If batteries are at the end of their life, grinding can be laboured. Retailing at £22.99, the set also comes with a two-year warranty.

iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

Leaving food exposed to air can lead to bacteria growth and make food unsafe for eating. The iTouchless BR001U Bag Re-Sealer is a small, practical tool that is ideal for sealing plastic bags of all sizes. Its an affordable way of re-sealing original packages as well as bags with leftovers. Not only does this tool provide seals that help protect food, it also saves you money on buying storage bags. The sealer is magnetic, which allows you to stick it to easily accessibly places like your refrigerator. You can also use the iTouchless for sealing bags with cosmetics and other household items. It does take a bit of practice to get a complete seal perfectly airtight. A pack of two sells for around £40 to £50.

Maxfashion Corn Kerneler

Removing kernels from a corn cob can be a messy job. The Corn Kerneler from Maxfashion is a great tool for stripping the cob in one easy step. To use it, you just place the Corn Kerneler on the narrow end of the cob and slide it down until you reach the other end. A stainless steel blade adjusts to the wide of the cob, while a donut-shaped plastic container keeps the kernels in one place. You can collect up to 1.25 cups of corn kernels, which might mean you need to use it twice on particularly large cobs. The Maxfashion Corn Kerneler goes for around £8.85.

Jerrybox Kitchen Scale

Guessing measurements or wrong weights can lead to disaster in the kitchen. The Jerrybox Kitchen Scale provides accurate measurements so you get the right amount. Ideal for small measurements, the digital spoon scale handles weights of up to 500 grams and accuracy is rated to 0.1 grams. Keeping the gadget level is essential for getting correct readings, and it does not work when placing it on a flat surface. So a shaky hand can make this tool impractical. The precise and durable tool features an easy-to-read LCD display and an ultra-slim design for easy storage. There is also an easy-to-clean detachable scoop. The regular retail price is £16.99.

Sodial Pineable Cutter

This stainless steel tool is ideal for cutting, slicing and coring your pineapples. Retailing for just £2.88, it works similar to a corkscrew and fits with most sizes of pineapples. You twist the cutter to create perfect rings or turn once to get one slice. Turning the cutter several times will allow you to cut the fruit all in one go. The lack of ergonomic design can be tricky on your wrist and hand, and you will need a bit of practice to get perfectly straight slices. But the ability to cut pineapples with ease makes this a must-have tool for any fruit lover.

Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Huller

With a fun and easy to use design, this gadget makes hulling strawberries a quick and simple task. The adjustable Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Huller can be used on different sized fruit, and it is also machine washable. Simply press the huller into the top of the strawberry and a stainless steel claw removes the fruit’s core. You can also use it for hulling tomatoes. The StemGem Strawberry Huller from Chef’n retails for about £8.

In Conclusion

There are a multitude of gadgets out there that make preparing fruits and vegetables as well as cooking, baking and serving your tasty dishes easier and quicker. Not only are they practical additions to any food lover’s kitchen, they also make creative and fun gifts for loved ones. Remember, the best kitchen gadget is one that will be used!

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