The Best Kitchen Tool Set

Buying a set of kitchen tools can be a sensible purchase for most people. Of course you can add individual tools here and there, but you end up with a mismatched set and may end up spending more than if you buy a complete set. Choosing the best kitchen utensil set depends on several factors. Are you a keen cook? Is your kitchen short on storage space, so you need a set that you can hang on the wall? Do you want a set that will last? Buying cheap tools can be a false economy, as you’ll have to buy new ones before long. As with many things, you get what you pay for, and a good set will give you plenty of use. For example, silicon tools and bake-ware can be more expensive, but will last longer than cheap versions that you’ll soon have to throw away. Here are some of the best kitchen sets to suit your needs.

The Top 5 Best Kitchen Tool Sets

Joyoldelf 5-Piece Silicon Set

Approximately £12. A colourful set of utensils can be just what you need to make cooking fun. This lovely red set will not only look good in your kitchen, but as it’s made of silicon is durable and strong. Cheap plastic utensils soon wear out and get scratched, so you end up replacing them very quickly – and bacteria soon gets into those scratches. Silicon, on the other hand, is highly heat-resistant, as well as easy to clean. You can opt for a plain black version if you’re averse to colour! The set can also easily be hung on the wall if you have hooks.

Kitchen Crafts Tool Kit

Approximately £15. This set will also look great in a modern kitchen, with each tool having a different colour for the handle. But they’re not just stylish; the soft, easy-grip handles could make this the ideal set for anyone with arthritis or the elderly. So it would make an excellent gift for an elderly parent or grandparent. The fact that each handle has a different colour also makes it easy to distinguish each tool from the others, perhaps useful for anyone with less than perfect sight. Like the Joyoldelf set, these tools can be hung on the wall for easy storage.

Morphy Richards Tool Set

Approximately £20. Morphy Richards is a trusted name in kitchenware and appliances, so you can’t go wrong with this classic steel kitchen tool set. They come with their own stand, so the tools can easily be stored; with other sets, you will need to put up hooks on the wall or store them in a pot. This makes the set ideal if you like a very organised kitchen. With a five-year guarantee, you can be sure that this set will stand up to being bashed about and remain in good condition. If you fancy adding a splash of colour to your kitchen, there are ten different tones to choose from, so you’ll easily find one to match your colour scheme.

Premier Housewares 12-Piece Set

At approximately £20, this is certainly one of the best cooking utensil sets. If you want a set that covers every cooking task, this 12-piece set will fit the bill. It would make a perfect gift for someone moving into their first home, or a student starting university. As well as the usual tools like a potato masher, whisk, and a slotted spoon, you’ll also find a grater, bottle opener and ice cream scoop, meaning that there’s a tool for just about every kitchen need. Plus there’s a pizza cutter, which every student will need! It’s also a good investment if your kitchen tools are wearing out and you’d like a set that covers just about everything, or if you’re becoming more interested in cooking and want to try out new techniques.

Schubba 5-Piece Set

Approximately £25. The most colourful utensils of all are this five-piece silicon set. If you’re trying to get your kids interested in cooking, a set like this is sure to grab their interest. Although it’s one of the most expensive sets, the durability of the silicon makes it a good investment for a serious cook or anyone who wants a good-quality set of utensils that will stand up to frequent use. The only drawback to this set is that a basting brush is perhaps not one of the most useful tools in a 5-piece set.

Wrapping Up

When choosing a set of kitchen tools, consider which ones you’re most likely to use. A good basic set like the Joyoldelf set will cover most basic cooking tasks, but if you’re keen to experiment with cooking then a comprehensive set like the Premier tools will handle just about all your cooking requirements. If aesthetic appeal matters to you, then colourful tools like the Schubba set will look good in your kitchen, and silicon will be very durable. But ultimately it’s down to what you’re going to use, and how much you want to spend – though all of these sets should give you plenty of use.


Plus points

Minus points




Durable silicon

No stand holder

Good basic set


Kitchen Craft

Suitable for older people

Colours don’t match

Useful for anyone with poor grip


Morphy Richards

Reliable brand & useful stand

Expensive and dull design

Good if you want a known brand



Value for money

Might include utensils you don’t use

Has everything you need



Colourful & durable


Money-back guarantee


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