The Best Kitchen Utensils Made of Wood


Having the right kitchen utensils makes any cooking or baking task easier. There are plenty of products to choose from, including beautiful kitchen utensils made of wood. Wooden spools, forms and spatulas are gentle on non-stick cookware, so can use them on your favourite pans and pots. Metal utensils often scratch non-stick coating off pots and pans as you stir and scrap the bottom. With wood, you avoid this issue and extend the life of your cookware. Wooden utensils are also easy to clean with warm water. They are also softer on your hands, especially the palm of your hand. Over time, they conform to the shape of your hand. If you use them on the same pot or pan over a long period, they also conform to your cookware.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Here are just a few of our the best wooden kitchen utensils. Each set has well-crafted tools for all essential tasks, from stirring salads and vegetables to mixing ingredients and serving your delicious creations.

Tala Utensils Wooden Spatulas (Set of 3)

Made from solid beech, this set of three wooden spatulas from Tala are ideal for use on non-stick surfaces. Their design makes them gentle on all pan surfaces. Each piece is a different size, making them useful for a variety of cooking tasks. Although they are splinter resistant, the surface is not perfectly smooth and lacks the finish of higher-end wooden utensils. Use with certain sauces may discolour the spatulas due to the minimal coating and will require a few washes to remove stains. On the plus side, they are practical and functional additions to any kitchen. The minimalist design is also attractive. They are also made from wood sourced from well-managed forests, making them an environmentally responsible choice. Retailing for £3, the set is also inexpensive.

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Premium Bamboo Wooden Utensils (Set of 6)

This set of quality wooden utensils includes a slotted spoon, single hole mixing spoon, bamboo wooden spoon and rounded fork. There’s also a turner spatula and a slotted spatula. Premium Bamboo makes attractive kitchen tools that are safe for hot surfaces and kind to your pans. The utensils in the set are made from strong, biodegradable moso bamboo. This lightweight wood makes each item easy to handle and very durable. Like most wooden utensils, they will not scratch non-stick pans and cookware. Each handy utensil is approximately 12 inches or 30 centimetres and are easy to clean using warm soapy water. The lack of coating often found on more premium products can make them chip and stain over time. This eco-friendly set retails for just under £10.

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KitchenCraft Wooden Cooking Utensils (Set of 3)

KitchenCraft’s set of three sturdy wooden utensils boast a simple and practical design. Since 1850, KitchenCraft has designed and made thousands of products for kitchens across the UK. This three-piece set includes a 12-inch (30-centimetre) cooking spoon, an 11-inch (28-centimetre) spatula, and a 12-inch (30-centimetre) scrapper spoon. These essential tools are ideal for mixing, stirring, serving, and all sorts of cooking tasks. The smooth surface makes them perfect for daily use on non-stick pots, pans and other cookware. Made from strong beech wood sourced from sustainable forests, these utensils are strong and durable. Like all wooden utensils, special care is needed to avoid damage. This includes not leaving the utensils in water for a long period. With a price tag of just 1.75, it is not surprising that some users think the surfaces could be smoother and the wood a little sturdier.

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Purple Leaf Bamboo Utensils (Set of 4)

This utensil set features four 12-inch (30-centimetre) pieces made from high-quality bamboo wood sourced from sustainable forests. The bamboo is long-lasting and sturdy, much more than other types of wood that are more absorbent. They are also made using an oven-roasting method that conditions the wood to make it stronger and more durable. Like all other products made by Purple Leaf Bamboo, these kitchen utensils do not scratch non-stick surfaces. A simple and stylish design means they are well-suited for virtually anyone and a wide range of kitchen tasks. The set includes a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a slotted spatula, and a solid spatula. Holes in the handle make the utensils easy to store on hooks. The stripped design may not to be everyone’s taste, and with a price at £24.99 makes it on the higher end of wooden utensils.

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Premier Housewares Bamboo Kitchen Tools (Set of 6)

This handy set of bamboo kitchen utensils from Premier Housewares includes everything you need for mixing, stirring, serving and other cooking tasks. It features a slotted spoon, a solid turner spatula, a slotted turner spatula, a fork and spoon set, a solid spatula, and a spatula with holes. Each piece has a neutral design that complements any kitchen. A convenient wooden holder is also included to keep utensils organised and together in one place. The variety of tools makes the set an attractive choice as a gift for new cooks, as well as a gift for other occasions. They are also easy on your palms. This wooden set normally retails for £11.49.

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There is something traditional about cooking with kitchen utensils made of wood. When you think of wooden spoons and other utensils, visions of worn pieces that fit perfectly to your hands comes to mind. Nowadays, wooden utensils are made from durable and strong wood including beech and bamboo. Wooden spoons, forks and spatulas are lightweight and eco-friendly solutions for any kitchen. Since wood naturally gives to some extent, wooden cooking utensils are easier to handle and kinder to the bottom of your favourite pot or pan.

When choosing a kitchen utensil, you should consider more than just the price. Look at reviews on the manufacturer and the product itself. Look for durable and strong wooden products that are splinter-resistant and sourced from sustainable forests. Also, consider how you will use the utensils and whether the product will let you do regular tasks in the kitchen.

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