The Best Steak Knives

Strange isn’t it that one of the most versatile knives you probably have in the cutlery drawer or knife block, rarely comes in a set of cutlery. They have to be bought separately. I’m talking about the humble steak knife. But is there any real difference between a standard steak knife for cutting through that piece of fillet, and the best steak knives available on the market? On the face of it the answer would appear no, until you delve a little deeper into the material, blade, style and looks of what constitutes a good steak knife.

Steak knives should not be considered an added extra to your kitchen knife set. While kitchen knives spend most of their time being used on chopping boards, steak knives are used on hard ceramic plates which can quickly blunt the edge if the knife is made of inferior steel. The choice of blade should be carefully considered, straight edge, micro-serrated, or serrated. While a straight edge will provide a cleaner cut to the trained eye, it will also blunt much quicker than a serrated edge. The knives need to blend with your existing cutlery, not look an added extra, and should feel well balanced and comfortable in the hand.

The Top 6 Steak Knives

Judge Steak Knives, Silver, Set of 6

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At just over £15, a good middle range priced set of steak knives. With a one piece bright stainless steel blade and plain handle it will blend well with a range of different stainless steel or silver cutlery. Each knife is 25.2cm long, has a serrated blade, and feels comfortable in the hand. With an overall weight of 4oz and its one piece design it is dishwasher friendly and comes highly recommended. This set does not come with a knife block and is shipped in a cardboard container.

Stellar BL25 Steak Knives, Silver, Set of Six [Energy Class A+]

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A set of six high quality, one piece 18/10 stainless steel knives finished in bright silver. An attractive one piece knife with high quality extremely sharp serrated edge, each knife is 25.4cm long and weighs 4oz. Its simple timeless design and bright finish will compliment any dinner table setting no matter what the meat served. High 4.5 to 5 star ratings are the norm for this excellent set and with a lifetime dishwasher-safe manufacturer’s guarantee, the £20 cost of this knife set belies its true quality.

Taylors Eye Witness Steak Knives, Set of 6, Black

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For just under £10, a good set of functional traditional full tang steak knives with black riveted handles and a 10 year guarantee. Its high carbon stainless steel serrated blade provides a clean cut through beef, lamb, chicken or steak. With the scales made of dense plastic and triple riveted to the full tang, these knives are rated dishwasher friendly. Manufactured by a 200 year old specialist knife and scissor company, you’re buying excellent quality at a bargain price.

Windsor Stainless Steel Serrated Pizza/Steak Knives, Set of 2.

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At just over £6 for a set of 2, these high quality knives would cost around £19 for a set of 6, putting them on a price par with other mid-range steak knives. Their micro-serrated blade makes slicing through your take-away pizza as easy as cutting into your favourite steak. A one piece unit with a simple design, and produced from quality mirror finished stainless steel, they will blend effortlessly with the Windsor range of kitchen cutlery. Produced by Grunwetg of Sheffield, and dishwasher friendly, they represent excellent value for money for those who just need an extra couple of knives.

Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak Knives, Set of 4.

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What a good looking set. At nearly £20 for a set of 4, these knives are endorsed by TV chef Jamie Oliver. Some people have reported that although the deep serrated blade is sharp, with half tang riveted scales made of Acacia wood, problems can develop quickly. It is recommended they are washed in just warm water, and are not rated for dishwasher use. Too long in water and the wood will swell, the rivets begin to loosen, and the blade becomes loose between the two-part handle. A good looking steak knife on the table, but be aware of possible problems sooner rather than later.

6 Steak Knives

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You want cheap? With this set of 6 black handled steak knives at just £6 you’ve got cheap. Manufactured in stainless steel, with a full tang and triple riveted black plastic handle don’t expect a lifetime guarantee, but they are certainly worth what you pay. If you are looking forward to a summer of salad, chicken, burger and steak barbeques, at one pound a unit they are the knife you can afford to lose in the grass. Rated dishwasher friendly, the full tang and triple riveting should see the handle and blade staying solid for a reasonable length of time. Got to be worth the money.


So, there you have it, or should I say them, six similar steak knives from different manufacturers. Does price mirror quality – not always. The best steak knives are the single piece units where blade and handle are one. Hard wearing and able to take dishwasher abuse, there is nothing that can begin to work loose. Looked after properly they can be polished to maintain their original lustre and should provide years of service. While your knives can be sharpened using a domestic blade sharpener, if you still have a professional knife sharpener in your area then a few pounds spent when the knives are a year or two old, will return them to their former glory, happy slicing.

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