The Best Toaster Oven Under £100

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that the toaster oven looks like a microwave, but its appearance and size is where the similarities stop. With far superior cooking functionality, toaster ovens are space-saving, energy-efficient and can do most of the jobs of a conventional oven—grilling, roasting and baking.

Whether you are looking for the best toaster oven under 100 GBP for your caravan, or just have limited space, toaster ovens provide a viable alternative to the traditional oven. As these cookers are table-top, they also offer a more accessible option to people with a disability and the elderly.

What should I consider before buying?

Of course, one of the main factors when buying an oven is the price; this article will examine some of the best toaster ovens for under £100 and consider five key areas when you’re looking to buy:

  • Versatility
  • Performance
  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • Accessories

Top 5 Toaster Oven Reviews

VonShef 30L Black Mini Oven & Grill 1600W

best toaster ovenThe Vonshef has upper and lower grills which can be used individually or together. Temperature can be set from 100°C–230°C and there is a 60-minute timer with bell and automatic shut off. Measuring 50cm x 41cm x 32cm, the oven will comfortably hold a 12” pizza. A wire grill rack, baking tray and handle are included.

Consumers praise the size and cooking quality of the oven compared to its more expensive counterparts, despite some quibbles regarding whether the oven does actually reach 230°C. It has 4.7/5 stars on Amazon. Not bad for an oven costing less than £50.

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Elgento 9L/16L Black E14025 Mini Oven 800W

Starting at under £35, this oven is available in the 9L or 16L option, both operate from 90°C to 230°C, have a 60-minute timer with bell (plus automatic shut off), and come equipped with baking tray, wire rack and crumb tray. With external dimensions of 36cm x 27cm x 21cm, the 9L oven comes with upper and lower heating elements. Unlike the 9L, the 16L—which measures 38cm x 31cm x 26cm—allows the heating elements to be used separately.

This product has received glowing reviews for the accuracy of its temperature controls and is viewed as ideal for a single person. While this is obviously a compact oven, some consumers were surprised by the small cooking area.

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Tower T14012 23L Black Mini Oven 1500W

At the time of writing this, this mini oven costs less than £70. The Tower mini oven has upper and lower grills which can be used at the same time or separately. Temperature can be adjusted between 90°C and 230°C and the oven is shut off automatically by the timer. With dimensions of 52cm x 40cm x 36cm, the oven can hold a 10” pizza and comes with a baking tray, wire rack and tray handle.

Positive reviews from people who have bought this product, talk about the efficiency, ease of cleaning and value for money of the Tower. Among the few criticisms are the timer loudness and the length of power cable.

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Andrew James AJ000548 Black 33L Mini Oven and Grill with Double Hob

From around 70 GBP, the Andrew James boasts 5 cooking functions due to having upper and lower grills, plus a convection fan and 2 hotplates. The oven measures 51cm x 32cm x 32cm (plenty of room for a 10” pizza) and can be set up to 230°C. Included in the package are a grill rack, baking tray and handle.

Many consumers rave about the cooking quality of this oven and the speed at which it heats up, with some successfully undertaking a roast dinner for five! Unlike the Vonshef, Elgento and Tower, there is no timer or automatic shut off.

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Oypla 26L Black Electrical Mini Compact Oven Kitchen Mate c/w 2 Hot Plates and Grill

The Oypla has upper and lower grills, and 2 hotplates. it costs around £50. Oven temperature can be adjusted from 100°C to 250°C and at 51cm x 49cm x 32cm, a 12” pizza will fit easily. This mini oven comes with a baking tray, wire rack and tongs.

Overall, customer reviews for the Oypla are positive, although many do note that the hobs are less efficient when the oven is on. Some product descriptions state that there is a timer, but this is not the case.

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Which is the best toaster oven under £100?

With not much to choose between design and colour, it comes down to finding the right oven to suit your needs and budget: From around 35 GBP, the compact 9L Elgento has limited functionality; Vonshef and Tower offer larger cooking areas and more versatility; as for those with hobs, the Andrew James is around 15 GBP more expensive than the Oypla, but has the added bonus of a convection fan. The best advice is to consider what you want to use your toaster oven for, and decide on which features are most important to you—these are all great products, so you’ll not go far wrong!

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