The Very Best Desk Lamp for Eyes

Without a comfortable, appropriate workstation providing optimal lighting for work, eyestrain and fatigue are inevitable. What are the signs of these all too common workplace conditions? Headaches, burning eyes, eye irritation, pain around the eyes, blurred or even double vision, and difficulty seeing documents or computer screens are all symptoms of eyestrain and fatigue. Certainly, these problems reduce efficiency and productivity. Don’t worry. It is possible to find your best desk lamp for eyes.

In addition to affecting the ocular system, poor lighting can cause neck stiffness and shoulder aches as people who are straining to read in poor lighting conditions tend to rely on awkward postures.

A healthy visual environment includes:

• adequate lighting coming from the right direction that does not cause shadows, glare, or ghosting

• appropriate contrast between the lighting and the computer monitor

• the right kind of lighting.

Desktop lamps tend to provide far better illumination than overhead lights because they are adjustable and produce less glare. Turning off, dimming or using filters to diffuse harsh overhead lighting is recommended. Similarly, excessively bright natural light from a window should be avoided.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Desk Lamp

Specifically related to eyestrain, a lamp with different lighting modes designed for different tasks is a good idea. Also, it is important that the lighting be even and not flicker or cause shadowing or ghosting.

Additionally, a slim design which fits well on the overall desk space is preferable. The best lamps use energy efficient bulbs like LEDs, and both brightness and positioning should be adjustable.

The Top Five Best Desk Lamps for Eyes

The Elune by Tao Tronics incorporates many features listed above. Ranging in price from about £25 to £30, it provides a soft, warm light that will not cause shadows, flickering, or glare. The four lighting modes: reading, studying, relaxing, sleeping provide significant choice for the multi-tasking user. The energy efficient LED bulbs with one-hour automatic shut off ensure that this unit is as energy efficient as possible. It is unobtrusive and sleek enabling it to fit on any desk top. In addition to all of these features, the Elune provides a 5V/1A USB port enabling users to charge their smartphones and tablets (Apple, Samsung, etc). It comes in two colours: black and white to fit the décor of most workspaces. Over one thousand happy customers have rated the Elune highly on Amazon. At the time of publication, it had achieved an admirable 4.8 out of 5 stars. In fact, the biggest criticism, among so many glowing reviews, seems to be that because the lamps are plastic, the black lamp attracts dust. Overwhelmingly, it is a fantastic product.

For people desiring a more affordable option, Tao Tronics also sells the Touch Eye-Care Light desk lamp which retails for about £17. It promises flicker-free and ghost-free comfortable lighting, seven levels of brightness, and an adjustable gooseneck stand. Additionally, this lamp features touch control and LED lighting which makes it almost as energy efficient as the Elune. However, it does not have an automatic shut off. One great advantage is size. This light is small enough to fit well into most workspaces. With over 400 customer reviews on Amazon, like the Elune, it also carries a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Lighter than the Elune (821 grams vs 1.6 kg), one criticism is that its top heaviness may cause topple overs. However, overall it is a well-ranked product and bears consideration.

Next up is the Daffodil ULT300. It is considerably less expensive than both the Tao Tronics models, retailing for approximately £9. With three brightness settings that users can toggle through, there are options for achieving appropriate lighting for a variety of work-related activities. There is no base; a clamp holds this tiny lamp in place. While the Daffodil may not have all of the features of the Tao Tronics lamps, there is a 30 cash back guarantee if users discover that it does not meet their requirements. So, while not top of the line, it may provide the necessary lighting to prevent eye strain and can be returned. Its Amazon review rating is 4.5 out of 5.

For about £15, the LE Swing Arm desk lamp provides a more traditional look with some updated features. Of all of the lamps reviewed so far, the LE Swing Arm desk lamp has the potential to use the most desk space. The clamp could be used to mitigate this problem, or alternately, it can be mounted on the wall which would be beneficial if space is at a premium. While the lamp stand is flexible allowing the user some control over how and where the light is directed, it does not have any brightness settings and for some people, particularly those experiencing eyestrain, this could be a problem. However, it is an improvement over models sold several years ago. Its Amazon rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars proving that it works well for most users.

Finally, for approximately £11, the Kedsum LED desk lamp is an excellent choice. With three levels of brightness, a flexible neck, and an anti-glare, no flickering or flashing LED bulb, this versatile light source can mitigate eyestrain. In addition, it takes up little space, is easily rechargeable, and has a multi-use clip. Because it has no stand, finding a place to clip the lamp is essential. Minimalist, fashionable, and elegant, it would be an excellent tool for someone who does not work in the same work-space all of the time and would like a more portable option. There is some concern about ease of use initially. The single button functions as on, off, and brightness selection and can be somewhat tricky until the user is familiar with the product. Overall, it has a 4.5 out 5 rating on Amazon with nearly 200 reviews.


Desk lamps have come a long way from the single brightness, rather inflexible, bulky contraptions many people grew up with. Now, with enhancements that improve ocular care, with the best desk lamp for eyes, those of us who spend long hours working at desks can experience a much more pleasant working environment.

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