Unique and Unusual Cake Stands

Cake stands are great ways of displaying your baked creations and other treats. They highlight your cake while helping to create a striking display or centrepiece. Classic stands often feature square or round tiers and pedestals. More creative stands have floating and movable arms. Buying an unusual cake stand is a fun way of showcasing your cakes.

Things to Consider

Unusual cake stands are designed with vibrant colours and designs. Just like buying any other product, you should consider the quality of the stand. It should be made from sturdy material that handles cakes of various sizes and weights. The size and shape of your cake stand will depend on the cake itself, so it is important to consider how you will use it. The price of cake stands will often depend on the size and quality of the material.

When buying this type of cake stand, aesthetics often plays an important role. If you want your baked creation to be the focus of attention, buying a flashy stand might not be the best idea. Something with a busy design could distract from your hard work in the kitchen. At the same time, an intricate and flashy cake stand can provide the wow-factor you want for your guests. It generally depends on your own taste and finding the right balance.

Unique cake stands can often complement your cakes and other treats, especially if you are trying to create a theme. Certain products feature fun designs, like ice cream vans or scenes from beloved books. A theme can link your treats with your stand. For example, you can match colours from the stand with icing, fondant and other decorative features on your treats.

To make the most of your purchase, look for products that are reusable and washable. You should also look for products that provide you with enough flexibility for you to use more than once for different occasions. A highly thematic stand, such as something that is inspired by a book, might not be appropriate for more than one event.

5 Most Unusual Cake Stands

From cake tables inspired by literary classics to centrepieces for presenting lollipops, here are some of the most unique cake stands we found.

Talking Tables Truly Alice Tree Treat Stand
This interesting and intricate stand from Talking Tables is an eye-catching centrepiece. The tree-shaped cake stand features quirky and imaginative outdoor scenes that bring the world of Alice in Wonderland to life. It is perfect for tea parties and other special gatherings, providing a beautiful piece for presenting cupcakes, canapes, pastries, and other party food. The easy to clean and reusable stand is 38 centimetres tall and has a diameter of 23 centimetres, and there are a range of Truly Alice items including tea cups and plates that you can buy for themed parties. The Talking Tables Truly Alice Tree Treat Stand retails for £18.44.

Lakeland Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit
Have you ever wanted to create a waterfall or anti-gravity cake? This pouring cake kit from Lakeland helps you defy gravity to create a cascading chocolate truffle cake, a Christmas pudding pouring cake, or other waterfall-style creations. It is perfect for themed parties and for creating showstopper centrepieces that would win you ‘Star Baker’ on the Great British Bake-off. You can use this kit to build various creations, from truffles or sweets falling from a box to a stream or waterfall of cream descending onto your cake. A base plate, two supporting rods, and a corner piece are included. The kit is easy to use and assemble, and provides support for creations of various heights and angles. Helpful instructions are also included. While the kit is fun to use and sells for just £9.99, inexperienced cooks may find the instructions difficult.

Talking Tables Ice Cream Van Cake
Ice cream is a delicious treat for birthdays, tea parties and other special occasions. Presenting your ice cream cones in a unique way adds a bit of fun that helps create a memorable day. Retailing at £38.95, this treat stand from Talking Tables has four reusable and sturdy card stands, which can also be used to show-off your cakes and other treats. Twelve paper ice cream cones and stickers to personalise your vans are also included. The three-tier stands holds up to eight cones on the upper level as well as several small ice cream cups on lower tiers.

eMarkooz Lollipop Stand
Available in pink and clear plastic, this stand from eMarkooz is a fun way to present lollipops and cake pops. The 20-hole acrylic stand is a great decorative serving piece for birthday parties, weddings and other events. The material is durable and washable, and the stand comes in two pieces that easily click together. Holes are not perfectly aligned and they are rather small, making the stand ideal for smaller sticks. It is generally a challenge to fit 20 lollies without having them touch each other, especially if your creations are large. The stand sells for £8.99.

Lakeland Tiers & Spheres Anti-Gravity Cake Kit
The Tiers & Spheres Anti-Gravity Cake Kit allows you to create unique celebration cakes. The kit is perfect for building a gravity-defying cake for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and other occasions. It is ideal for assembling stunning multi-tier and spherical cakes. The smartly designed kit supports your creations without any visible components. Each dishwasher-safe component is interchangeable and fits seamlessly together, although its somewhat flimsy structure may find heavier and larger creations a challenge. The kit is made by Lakeland and normally sells for £14.99.


There are plenty of unique cake stands out there, and most are versatile enough to look fantastic in any setting. When choosing a cake stand, make sure that they are practical as well as attractive. You want something that not only saves space and displays your creations beautifully, but also practical and eye-catching.

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