What is The Best Kitchen Utensils Brand?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. If you need to update your cooking utensils or are just starting out in a new home, then it is very important to have a working kitchen that is stocked with the very best kitchen utensils. We explore ten of the best cooking utensils brands and what you need to consider when choosing a kitchen utensil brand.

Things to consider

There are many tools and utensils that are used in the kitchen. They include: knives, colanders, sieves, ladles, spatulas, measuring cups and potato mashers. There are a number of things that you need to look out for when buying kitchen utensils. Price is important, as you will need to find a brand within your budget. It is also important that you get the highest quality that you can afford and a brand that has a good reputation.

Best kitchen utensils brands

Farberware This company were founded over 100 years ago and is a well respected brand. There is a wide choice available at reasonable prices and they produce a line of very colourful utensils for those who want a splash of colour in their kitchen.

Calphalon Is a high quality brand with a price tag to match. However, when you buy Calphalon kitchen utensils they will outlast you as they are incredibly hard wearing. They are probably best known for their range of nylon utensils that are dishwasher safe and are great for cooking at high temperatures of 200 degrees C.

Morphy Richards This brand are known for their stainless steel range of kitchen utensils and for their Accents range of brightly clouted utensils. As a well known brand, Morphy Richards is great for those who are just starting their cooking journey. All of their utensils are simply designed and affordable.

Joseph Joseph This company was set up by the Joseph brothers over ten years ago. Based in New York, their range of kitchen utensils are now sold all over the world. Their products are highly innovative and ooze design. Therefore they are perfect for the modern kitchen that boast functional utensils that look that little bit different.

Russell Hobbs This is a well established UK company. They have one of the largest utensil ranges that are currently available that include ladles, slotted spoons, knives, skimmers and turners. All of their utensils are heat resistant and can be placed in a dishwasher. This wide range is also coupled with an affordable price tag.

KitchenCraft This UK company focusses upon the bespoke aspect of cooking and the use of natural ingredients. All utensils made by KitchenCraft are trendy, yet functional, and use the very latest materials to aid the cooking and creative process. They have a fantastic range of peelers, spoons and scoops. This is the perfect brand for the adventurous cook who has a little bit of spare cash.

IKEA IKEA is known worldwide for their stylish and functional kitchenware range. This brand is particularly good for the novice cook or for those who are just setting up their kitchen at home. Lots of useful utensils can be bought at an incredibly low price – and they look good.

Joyoldelf  This brand are best known for their colourful silicone utensils. Although they are not the cheapest on the market, customs pay for their high quality and the fact that these utensils will last a lifetime. Extremely colourful, they are also a fun fashion statement.

Premier Housewares This company are well established and have a good reputation for their solidly built stainless steel range of kitchen utensils. Their product prices are within the mid range, and are functional and practical – lending themselves more towards the professional cook who needs the right tools for the job.

The Cookware Company Although founded in Belgium in 2007, this brand is now known worldwide.  It was also the first company to make cookware with PTFE, so that it was non-stick. Today they are still known for their non-stick cooking utensils that are very reasonably priced.

When you need to find the best kitchen utensils brand on the market, the ten brands that we have listed above come highly recommended. So, depending upon your budget, how often you will use your utensils and what style you like, you should find the perfect brand to suit your needs. Happy shopping!

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